Telling a story with images, it’s what photography’s all about, documenting something with visual meaning and takes the viewer beyond what words cannot capture. I strive to produce a photo that speaks to the viewer, informs and entertains.

Collaborating with my photography, I also offer skills as a writer; experienced in editorial pieces, biographies, social media and blogs; including interviewing and research projects.

I’ve been a Reporter and Photographer for events and newsworthy activities; able to generate stories, conduct interviews, research and write.

One of my favorite writing experiences was a featured column for the Buffalo Gap Round Up Newspaper out of Texas. Larry Brookreson, owner and editor, and Denise VanDaele, editor, were awesome. Not only was I a reporter, I had a column that was totally my work. I generated the ideas, did research, interviewed people, and did creative writing too. Plus produced the photo’s to go with it! How cool is that!